Monday, August 20, 2012


Hi. It's been a while.

I would just like to inform you that I won't be blogging here anymore for no apparent reasons and I don't plan on coming back yet *lol* or I might be deleting this blog any time soon. So, please follow me on my tumblog instead. Thank you so much! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

General Cleaning x DIY: Paper Roses

Today was our first day of our last duty this semester in Sta. Maria Health Center. Since there are no patients, we decided to have a general cleaning (talk about being productive!) because our conference room was so dirty and because we nurses are so flexible. lol!

Shine Masters! lol!
with Rania. :)
Group shot~
After the general cleaning we were back to just bumming around so we decided to play Pinoy Henyo. We weren't able to take pictures because the game was so intense and exciting. lol! The prize was a Fresh Mango shake sponsored by our clinical instructor and the winner was Shai! Lucky~!

We also made paper roses. We forced Wahid to teach us.

After Partyyy!

I'll just be posting pictures from our mini after party after Kring's debut. It was ages since we last saw each other, so we decided to hangout for a while. So here are more photos, enjoy! :))

It was still early but they look so wasted. Hhaaa!
 This is when we faked An's birthday just to get the free ice cream.  HAHAHAH!

I really needed to use my glasses because I was getting blind by the second. lol!

and we ended the night with this. :)
Too bad we went home early. We would still want to extend but we have classes the next day and an early morning flight for An. It was one hell of  a night tho'. I wish we could hangout more just like when we were still in high school. I'm looking forward for more nights and even days like this. :)

Fire and Ice: When Worlds Collide

First things first, apologies for not being able to update my blog for a while. I've been busy with school lately. Sarreh. Anyway, yesterday was the 18th birthday of one of my good friend, Kring. Her birthday was actually on the 11th but the celebration was moved yesterday because everyone was so busy with school. 

Finally, the baby is now a lady. Kring was so stunning in her gown and the venue was so perfect. The theme was Fire and Ice: When Worlds Collide, by the way. And thus the title of this post. What added to fun was her debut served as a reunion of TOGETHER, our so-called group when we were still in high school. Seeing them made me feel nostalgic and very much glad. I really missed them to bits! 

I don't want to bore you with words, so here is your and my favorite part, pictures! lol!

The birthday message wall. Wasn't able to write on it tho'.

The centerpiece
The 'flashmob' with their unique dance number.

The stunning debutante
TOGETHER once again. :) Too bad Pearly wasn't able to attend and Kring, well, she's still on stage, lol!
Wacky(?) shot. lol!
with the debutante. :)

More photos from the after party on my next post! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Happy 21st! :)

So today is my birthday. Yay~! I just turned 21 but I still like I'm 10 or something. lol! Anyway, this day was filled was surprises, lots and lots of surprises! I can say that this is the best-est birthday I ever had. Seriously.

I never expected that many people would make an effort just to make my birthday so special and that's one thing I'm really happy and thankful for. I don't want to make this boring since it's my birthday, so I'll post pretty pictures instead! :D